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Monitor Center
(Use Case)

Collaboration with Gini-Apps on increasing engagement through new features implemented on an already successful App.

Lottie Animations

UI Options for the New 'Monitor Center'

In a crowded user interface we had to find a way to introduce four new engagement features keeping in mind we had to solve a problem of clutter in the current Android App, we called it 'Monitor Center'.

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Option for current features

UI Animations

The test App had a long 'webby' scroll so we proposed to replace it for a screen in which all the elements fit into one screen using slick animations to help the user keep track.

Option for new features

Monetization Concepts

These are 3 options to display custom 'packs' allowing the App to start getting an income from the current free users.

Option A

Option B

Option C

UX Flow

Basic path in the new 'Monitor Center'

Current Home Screen

Additional menu

for new features

Scann process

8 possible outcomes

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